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Burnage's premier scruffy bass-playing solicitor writes

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20 May 1981
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This is the rant of ugly buffy, a Manchester based scruffy lawyer with a strong Belfast accent. I live in Burnage with my stupidly named bulldog, bass, moderately impressive music collection, elderly record player and much-loved but offensively named car. I play bass in half-assed drone band Snow. Come and see us. Please. My friends list is looking very small, so anyone with a tolerance for offensive car names and a particular wish to read ranting, over-reaction and name dropping should feel free to leave a comment guessing the name of the car. Anyone with similar music tastes will be particularly welcome as I require gig buddies.
adultery, air, alan moore, alexander tucker, amplifier, andy cairns, aphex twin, arseface, autechre, baileys, bass distortion, beards, beck, belfast, ben elton, bill bailey, bill hicks, black books, brie, bulldogs, calexico, camus, car parks, caricatures, catch-22, cds, charlie brooker, chef, chris morris, comets on fire, cornerhouse, daniel johnston, david cross, death in vegas, deerhoof, deliverance, detwiije, dischord, dj shadow, dogging, drone, dylan moran, fanzines, felt, fidelity jones, french toast, fugazi, garth ennis, gigs, half japanese, hank von helvete, helmet, high on fire, hoodies, interpol, irish, irvine welsh, isis, jack black, jane's addiction, jets to brazil, joe preston, joy division, kid606, kraftwerk, kro bar, laurent garnier, lightning bolt, lou barlow, lungfish, magic numbers, manchester, mark lanegan, melvins, mice parade, modest mouse, mogwai, moles, moly, mono, morrissey, mr bell, mr show, mudhoney, my bloody valentine, my car, namedropping, naming inanimate objects, nathan barley, nation of ulysses, nerds, new order, new york, niall griffiths, nick cave, night & day, ninjatunes, nirvana, norwegian fiction, noxagt, numbers, piccadilly records, pixies, plan b, playing bass, playing guitar, portadown news, prodigy, q and not u, radiohead, reading, record shops, records, red bull, rednecks, retro bar, richard pryor, screaming trees, sebadoh, shooting, shy fat boys, sigur ros, silent bob, six feet under, six organs of admittance, sleater-kinney, slint, sonic youth, soundgarden, squarepusher, star & garter, steve coogan, sucking my thumb, tequila, the cure, the earlies, the herbaliser, the jesus lizard, the make*up, the smiths, the wipers, therapy?, thrones, tomahawk, trainers, tramps, turbonegro, vinyl exchange, woolly mammoth, writing porn

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